Sunday, July 13, 2008

Get Smart

When Control has been attacked the chief (Arkin) had to promote analyst Max Smart (Steve Carell) to discover KAOS' master plan against the nation.
 I was incredibly pleased that Carell did not go overboard with the comedy and goofiness. I was expecting him to be Michael Scott from The Office, tenfold. But no, he kept it very accurate to the originals, or so I am told-- I have not seen the TV show.
 Anne Hathaway was hilarious especially after claiming she is an older agent with plastic surgery. It made it weird to think she was hot.
 Great movie, entertaining. 


A story of an infamous superhuman (Smith), who has been shunned from society because of his saving under the influence and destruction of government property in the process. But a man with a dream to save the world befriends him and encourages him to let people see him differently. In the process, he realizes he's not alone.
This was surprisingly well done as far as Will Smith goes. He definitely showed his bad ass side, but throughout the movie he had a story that was quite sad behind it all.
The story line was very well done, though Hancocks background could have been visualized more, and I feel he developed to fast, considering in the process of anger management he never shared very much.
The supporting actors Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman were very good and really added to the emotional growth of the movie.
I would say this movie is a must see.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

The nephew of a Telmarine flees from being murdered into the mysterious and eerie country of Narnia. Called by magic, the young heroes from long ago in Narnia are disrupted from their life in modern days to save Narnia from Telmar with the help of the nephew of the Telmarinian  king, Caspian.
The movie was great, and the effects were good. The battle scenes were very "creative" compared to the book, but not making it way out there. They followed the book very well, and explained stuff well enough for non-book fans to understand.
The part I despised was the last minute of the movie, where Susan flings herself at Caspian for a goodbye, lovey-dovey kiss. I believe Disney was probably pressured into letting this kiss in by fans because of how "hot" Ben Barnes (Caspian) supposedly is.
The kiss ruined the movie because there was no kiss or romantic inference in the book.
But still a must see if you don't care.

Friday, May 23, 2008

House [M.D.]

Hugh Laurie is House. A smart-ass that doesn't care much for anyone but himself. He is in fact, an amazing doctor and saves many lives. He is rather obsessive about finding symptoms.
Leading some new doctors on investigations to helps save patients with symptoms that usually rule out any probable diseases.
The only negative part about the show is that each episode as the same format. A person gets hurt, but wait it's the person that's with that person who gets the bad symptom. Then he is admitted to the hospital, and House thinks he has something no one else believes he has. They all list a whole lot of things it could be, but each on leaves out a symptom. And then the patient gets another symptom that rules out a ton of diseases, but opens doors for other sicknesses. And then another weird symptom, and then they figure it out!! 
Really that makes it sound bad, but it is a great show, great for several laughs and some interesting ideas. And the student doctor person named Thirteen, played by Olivia Wilde, is beautiful. Haha. Watch this show.

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Harrison Ford makes another Indiana Jones movie. My theory is that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg just decided that National Treasure needed to be put in its place.
It was entertaining, and surprisingly Shia LaBeuf was actually pretty good and even funny. So basically, the Natzi's roll in the movies were taken by the Russan KGB. Original...? Nah. At the beginning of the movie they make a few jokes about how he's so much older and nothing will be as easy, but we are supposed to forget all about that because he turns out to kick ass in the fights against Russian troops. He didn't seem old any more. 
There were a few lame insults shot from Jones, but that didn't ruin my hope. Until the end of the movie, we find out what the crystal skull is. Turns out it is farther from realistic than a knight from the middle ages to keep a goblet safe.
All in all, I would give this a 3/5 stars. It was lame at the end, but had some awesome scenes.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark, the creator of the Iron Man. After being captured by terrorist, he secretly made a weapon to escape the caves. He improved this weapon to be the Iron Man, the thing that could destroy whole armies. Though someone catches up with his idea and makes something to oppose Iron Man.
Filled with dry humor, filled with gadgets, this movie simply kicked ass. Robert Downey Jr.'s quick witted dry humor livens every second of it-- even the parts when he's in peril. You won't get sick of seeing all the sexy gadgets and even his robot that talks back at some points.
This is a must see movie. At the end, do not expect a full ending, as they very obviously are setting it up for a sequel. But it is still a movie you must definitely watch with your guy friends an ogle all those nice cars he owns.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


        A movie with George Clooney and John Kransinki. If you watch the office and have seen Clooney in Ocean's 11-13, you must have figured out that they would be a good pair with their wit and humor style. But no. It sucked. Based on the beginning of football becoming pro, it really had nowhere to go. It was just about how Clooney wanted to make a good team and John Kransinki was lying about some war-hero story.  Fairly boring except for a few good lines.
Oh my gosh, I forgot to remind you that Renee Zelweger is in it? Oops guess not. Oh well. She was gross and ugly as she ever is. She had a few good lines with George Clooney but that was it.